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In addition to all of our exciting news, we also have our new MBH Spring Collection featuring our Braided Urn & Pedestal photographed here.  

MBH was founded by expert antiquarian Thomas Hayes in the 1970s. An antique dealer, Hayes treasured baskets and all things historic architecture and furniture. Wicker and rattan furniture has such an incredible history: Wicker and rattan designs are found by archeologists in nearly every early civilization from ancient Egypt to Native America to Southeast Asia and everywhere in between. During Medieval times when Marco Polo traveled the Silk Road to Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, ships gathered goods, including wicker and rattan pieces, to trade globally. Wicker and rattan basketmaking is an ancient art form that dates back thousands of years in Southeast Asia, where we still proudly source from today. This season, we are re-releasing one of our favorite MBH pieces: the wicker urn and pedestal. Like every wicker and rattan piece, our urn and pedestal were inspired by ancient times as well. The column pedestal was dreamt up by the ancient Greeks and later widely adopted by the Romans in 2 AD, and the urn shapes we reference date back to as early as 7000 BC. We debuted our first wicker urn in the 1980s and have reissued it every few years as trends come back around. This season, we are excited to once again re-release it!  In the search bar, type in PEDESTAL and see all of our options available for purchase.